Social Media Marketing

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

Social Media, has become a pivotal tool for businesses to connect with new customers as well as building loyalty to their brands. Rozisoft can build and manage your social presence.

Social Media is evolving and starting to take over as the new form of advertising and targeted marketing. This is due to the increase in the use of social media (86% of online adults in Pakistan engage with social media, according to Forrester), the amount of return that companies get from their engagement, and the growth of advertising and marketing spend on social platforms. Marketers and advertisers simply have an enhanced linkage to consumers through platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and new addition Pinterest.
Social Media Marketing

Each platform has its own strengths and ideal purpose, so our team evaluates how best to use each platform specific to your needs. For example, the relevance of Pinterest has risen dramatically in the past several months, and as a result, we have adopted our practices to include the optimal utilization of that platform alongside the others. The strengths of each can be leveraged with effective and targeted cost-efficient advertising methods that complement the company’s presence on each platform. Rozisoft has a highly skilled and talented team of social media experts that have a proven track record of creating and maintaining dynamic social media campaigns for companies, educating and training clients in how to leverage social platforms to their fullest potential, and staying up to date on important changes made daily to the platforms.

  • » Campaign Strategy and Planning
  • » Friend | Follower | Loyalty Building
  • » Social Network Advertising
  • » Post Updates
  • » Discussion initiations and filtration


So What Happens During Social Media Marketing?
Social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are hugely popular platforms which are easily accessible to anyone at no cost. As such, there are millions of consumers who are active on such sites, opening doors for business owners to utilize the opportunity to increase their brand awareness and to communicate with their target consumers. Moreover, social media sites are relatively inexpensive platforms to conduct marketing campaigns, making it feasible for organizations of various sizes to compete on common ground.

Social media marketing campaigns usually revolve around the creation of  unique content that generates attention and conversations. Such content generates not only interest but encourages members to share it with the social networks they are part of.  As the content spreads from one to another, it not only gains attention but it gains attention for the creator behind it.

Why Does Your Company Need Social Media

Social media without a doubt, is here to stay and with its power and ability to create a community in a short period of time, it’s no wonder why so many organizations have started concentrating their marketing efforts online. Today, businesses and organizations have the ability to narrow down to their target audience, get them into a community and start bridging relationships and communicating with customers and clients.

Here’s what social media marketing can achieve for you:

  • » Reach out to target consumers
  • » Strong branding through profile pages, messages, social media content
  • » Better customer service, e.g. direct response to customer complaints
  • » Receive feedback from consumers directly
  • » Easily broadcast updates, announcements, news etc.
  • » Effective and viral promotional campaigns
  • » Online advertising which can get spread around from user to user

How Can We Help You With Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing campaigns are carefully thought out online marketing plans which help businesses and organizations spread their marketing message easily across social media sites. We will plan and launch social media marketing campaigns revolving around your company, brand or website, building for you an online community on social sites such as  uch as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. With our creative marketing campaigns, you will discover how we use various strategies to help you reach out, connect with and interact with the millions of users on these social sites.

Our company has build interactive marketing campaigns which generate interest online fast such as contests and giveaways, with the help of viral features of the social sites which spread marketing messages like wildfire.

Social Media Marketing
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